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My name is Amir zamani and i compose melodies, produce beats, instrumentals, jingles and arrange & mix them. 

since i started playing the piano as a kid, i was mostly influenced by classical and instrumental music,
such as the soundtrack for "edward 
scissorhands" by danny elfman or the enchantingly
composed soundtrack for "le 
fabuleux destin d'amélie poulain" by yann tiersen. however, 90's pop music 
in general, hip hop artists such as dr dre or timbaland and queens unique sound with their beautiful harmonies 
combined with mercuys brilliant lyrics amazed me and have led me to work as a producer.

after years of piano lessons with my tutor rüdiger mühleisen, i melancholy ended
the lessons  to develop an individual style. i kept playing the piano but started to consume music differently. 
i started learning to play guitar by self-educating myself and began to disassemble components of my 
idolized bands music to understand their structure.

at first i didn't understand why, on one hand, i was admiring some modern tunes but on the other thought they
were inelegant. after many, many songs i produced by myself, i started figuring out what
it is that makes a coherent song. school taught us learning structures and being rational. finding patterns and
algorithms. thinking logically. music is far more mathematical than i wanted to accept - but still:


there is no nostrum or ideal way to create a beautiful song. there is no recipe or pattern you can use over
and over again. by the way, in my opinion this is exactly what the modern music industry does and that is why
everything mainstream sounds identical. in fact i believe this is one of the main reasons why the world
is so upside down today. people need more complex music.
regarding the past 300 years, the complexity has shrunk exponentially.
so did the empathy and feelings of human beings towards each other and everything. 

it is our experiences and the people around us. nature, events and changes that influence us
in the way we are, the way we think or develop. that is what makes the difference. 

i'm planning to release my next album next summer. 
so stay tuned!